Martijn Linssen – 1988
Den Bosch, the Netherlands

I believe every work needs its own attention and has its own rules. My main focus is on painting, sculpture, installation and performance. My work balances on the boundary between narrative and formal. Because the balance differs by job, one work may be more narrative than the other. Dualism is often a key element, most of the times as a starting point of my work. Inspiration is taken from my past and present, anecdotes or texts (written by me or others) and history. And flows into every single piece.



2017: AKV St. Joost Den Bosch: graduated in Fine Arts



2019:’Vijf jaar het Kunstgemaal’, Het Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst, 26 Januari – 23 June (group)


2018: ‘The Beast; The Sovereign’, This Art Fair Amsterdam, 28 December (Performance)

2018: ‘Instrumentarium; Humor en Houvast’, Willem II Fabriek Den Bosch, 13 December – 02 Januari (SOLO)

2018: ‘SKAUHYTT’, Het Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst, 27 October – 18 Januari (group)

2018: ‘Gefahrliche Dokterspiele’, Kunstcentrum De Apotheek Amsterdam, 06 October – 15 October (group)

2018: ‘On my way to the Galactic Supermarket, need anything?, Garage Rotterdam, 12 July- 15 July (group)

2018: ‘<3 C O R E’, Academie voor Beeldvorming Den Bosch,  21 June – 25 June (SOLO)

2018: ‘The making of: The Making Of’, 37PK Haarlem, 18 March – 29 April (group)

2018: ‘Enclosed Valley’, TAC Eindhoven, 18 January – 11 February (group)


2017: ‘Launch’, AKV St. Joost Graduation Show Den Bosch, 30 June – 04 July (group)

2017: ‘Prelude’, AKV St. Joost pre-Graduation Show Den Bosch, 19 Januari – 21 Januari (group)


2016: ‘Encampment’, Academie voor Beeldvorming Den Bosch, 17 June – 18 June (group)

2016: ‘Club Velvet’, Willem II Fabriek Den Bosch, 26 September – 27 September (group)


2015: ‘Project SPACE 15-1’, Space-Projects Amsterdam, 10 May – 11  May (group)


Public Space:

2018: Landkunst (BKKC), Fort Sabina Willemstad, 16 June – 30 October (temporary)